Edge Of Eternity – The Three Pillars (Side Quest) Guide

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The optional quests within Edge Of Eternity are split into two separate categories such as the Side Quests and the Hunt Quests.

This specific quest The Three Pillars is a side quest, it involves having to locate different stone pillars and read the description on them

  • NAME: The Three Pillars
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Homeward Bound / The Seed Of Destruction
  • LOCATION: Inel Harbor
  • DIFFICULTY: 0/5 Star
  • QUEST GIVER: Pious Elder
  • REWARDS: Ether, 70HEYR, 400XP
  • DESCRIPTION: An old man told me to look at some of the headstones. ‘Good For The Soul’, ‘Spiritual Pilgrimage’, that kind of thing.
  • This side quest is available as soon as the prologue ends and you find yourself in Inel Harbor. The guy you want to speak to can be found next to the Inn, he is the Pious Elder
  • The locations to the headstones will then be marked on the map with a ‘yellow dot’, there will be a total of 3 altogether that you need to head to and read
  • Each stone will have its own description and you just need to simply click on them
  • There will be a headstone to the North of Ines Harbor
  • This specific headstone will read the following;
  • Dawn belongs to IIvana. Each morning she rises to weave the world together again. Every time she does, she adds a new golden thread to the fabric of the universe. Thus, the laws that bind us all are born
  • The next headstone can be found to the South West of the first headstone and will read the following…
  • Noon belongs to Anselm, he sits at the center of the world and counts the deeds of Khrator & IIvana. Resonating in his throats manifold, the tally of death and rebirth-a song of absolute harmony. Only the worthy can hear the many voices of the deceased for virtue is a treasure conquered through pain
  • The final headstone can be found to the North West next to the Wilderness Shrine, this one reads..
  • Dusk belongs to Khrator, whose endless grief feeds the madness of the darkness. Each night, he tears the universe apart in the hope of finding his missing children. Only by destroying the Old can the New exist, for in the Chaos of lost things, lies the possibility of another future
  • After successfully reading the descriptions on all 3 of the headstones the quest will then end


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