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As you explore the open map you will no doubt come across various map fragments. In this specific page we will be looking at the map fragments found in Ainsel River.

Map Fragments are usually always found at the foot of large tablet structures or statues.


  • LOCATION: Ainsel River Well
  • MAP: Ainsel River
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Ainsel River Well and there will be a building we can go inside, do so.
  • Ride the elevator to Ainsel River.
  • Follow the river to the west, then at the crossroads turn and head right. Leading down.
  • As you exit the tunnel remain on the right side path and head up the hill.
  • Follow the stairs up. Then turn and head right, through the double doors. Here there will be yet another elevator
  • Ride the elevator down to the Uhl Palace Ruins. Continue on into a room with a projectile boss.
  • Continue up the stairs from the projectile boss and this map can be found on a corpse.


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