Elden Ring – Armorer’s Cookbook 6 Location (Crafting) Guide

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Armorer’s Cookbooks are hidden books of knowledge that can help players learn how to craft specific gear and items.

Many of the Armorer’s Cookbooks will teach players how to create items that can reduce elemental damage, add elemental damage to weapons, remove elemental inflictions and so on..

This specific page will show the locations to the Armorer’s Cookbook 6. There are 7 Armorer’s Cookbooks in total

COOKBOOK: Armorer’s Cookbook 6
LOCATION: Nokron, Eternal City
Head to Nokron, Eternal City. Then make your way to the Siofra River Bank. You can find the cookbook here.
Preserving BolusesAlleviates scarlet rot buildup and cures rotDewkissed Herba x2, Crystal Cave Moss x1, Sacramental Bud x1


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