Elden Ring – Artist’s Shack (Homing Instinct) Painting Puzzle Guide

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There are many puzzles within Elden Ring, some of which relate to various different paintings. Each painting represents an actual location within the game.

Your job then is to find this location that is seen in the painting, and when you arrive at the correct location you will then be given a reward.

This specific page will be focusing on the ‘Homing Instinct‘ painting


In order to find the ‘Homing Instinct’ painting you will need to travel to North-East Liurnia of the Lakes. Here you should be able to find an old abandoned shack, this is the Artist’s Shack.

Here inspect the ‘Homing Instinct’ painting and remember the painting location as we need to head to that specific location.


The answer to this painting puzzle is located in an open area east of Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. It is by the two large pillars.

Here you will notice a man sitting in a chair. When this man disappears you will be able to reap your rewards, Incantation Scarab

The Incantation Scarab is a hat that helps improve defence. It can be sold for 500 Runes.


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