Elden Ring – Boc The Seamster (Coastal Cave – Side Quest) Guide

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Boc the Seamster is another optional side quest that you can find whilst wandering Limgrave. Speaking to him will reveal that we was pushed out of a cave

Our goal is to retrieve Boc’s belongings from the cave.


In order to find Boc the Seamster you will have to travel to Agheel Lake North, here you will find a bunch of sheep just randomly enjoying the grass.

Attacking these sheep will cause a cry in the distance, apparently someone didn’t like that. Anyway, there should be a bush nearby.

Locate this bush, it is more of a dark brown in colour than the other greenery here and is more isolated too. Once you have located this bush make sure to whack it one with your weapon. This will cause the bush to transform, seems that this bush wasn’t actually a bush after all.

Speaking with Boc the Seamster will reveal that some ‘clod’ turned him into a tree and that he was pushed out of the cave.

Speak to him once again to learn that everything he owns is still in the cave. He will give you a Mushroom

Speak to him a third time and we will learn that this cave is somewhere on the shore.


Head to The First Step and more specifically towards the coast, you will find the cave entrance by the water.


Once inside the cave follow the path and you will stumble across Boc and a site of grace. When you are ready continue to follow the path on. You will soon start to hear screeching nearby

Interact with the fog wall and we will encounter the boss, Demi-Human Chief.


In this boss room there will be 2 Demi-Human Chief to take down.

Start off the fight using stealth do not simply run into it, unless you are feeling quite strong and prepared. Otherwise just play it safely by staying in stealth mode.

Whilst in stealth mode try to work out where your targets are, one of them should be sleeping giving us a chance to attack and gain the upper hand. This way you should only have to deal with one at a time.

For defeating the boss you will be rewarded with the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle


With the Demi-Human Chiefs down and out report back to Boc and give him the Sewing Needle.


Head to the Liurnia of the Lakes. You can get there by passing through Stormgate. Then following the path from Stormhill up to a damaged bridge. On this bridge you can find a Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook

Head down from the bridge and follow the rocky mountains up and continue on to the Liurnia of the Lakes.

Alternatively just teleport straight to Lake Facing Cliffs.

Once at the Lake Facing Cliffs choose to rest at the nearby site of grace and this will trigger Boc to appear. Speak to him.

Boc will now become an official Seamster.

In Elden Ring a seamster has the ability to customise your gear, including your gear’s appearance.


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