Elden Ring – Castle Sol (Sorcerer Painting) Painting Puzzle Guide

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There are many puzzles within Elden Ring, some of which relate to various different paintings. Each painting represents an actual location within the game.

Your job then is to find this location that is seen in the painting, and when you arrive at the correct location you will then be given a reward.

This specific page will be focusing on the ‘Sorcerer‘ painting


In order to find the ‘Sorcerer‘ painting we will need to travel to Castle Sol over in Mountaintops of the Giants.

From there navigate yourself through the wooden barriers, then enter the building on the left. In here climb the ladders up.

Head to the right, there will be a sniper target here so watch out. Then follow the narrow boards to reach the platform opposite. Cross the bridge on the left.

The painting can be found in the room below after crossing the bridge.


In order to find the location within the painting you will need to travel slightly south of Castle Sol to Snow Valley Ruins Overlook

Here head for the nearby bridge to the left (right on the map). The painter can be found on the bridge. Our reward is a Great Hood


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