Elden Ring – How To Get Lhutel The Headless (Ashen Summon) Guide

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Lhutel the Headless is one of the many spirit summons within Elden Ring, he is also part of the Legendary Ashen Remains.

In order to acquire Lhutel the Headless you will have to face a mighty foe, he will then become one of the rewards.

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In order to find and get Lhutel the Headless as a summon you will first need to travel to Tombsward Catacombs.

Here make your way through the Tombsward Catacombs whilst trying to fend off enemy threat and all kinds of dangerous traps. At the end of the dungeon you should encounter a mist wall that will lead to a boss fight against Cemetery Shade.

Defeating the Cemetery Shade will reward you with the Lhutel the Headless summon.


The Cemetery Shade is a fast acting melee damage dealer that has the ability to disappear and reappear. So the basic strategy for this fight is to use a guard counter.

This boss is also rather weak to magic so if you happen to be a caster class then you automatically gain the upper advantage.


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