Elden Ring – Sellia (Redmane Painting) Painting Puzzle Guide

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There are many puzzles within Elden Ring, some of which relate to various different paintings. Each painting represents an actual location within the game.

Your job then is to find this location that is seen in the painting, and when you arrive at the correct location you will then be given a reward.

This specific page will be focusing on the ‘Redmane‘ painting


In order to find the ‘Redmane’ painting you will have to travel to Sellia Town of Sorcery, north west of Church of the Plague. The most fastest grace point that you can use in order to get to the painting quicker will be the ‘Sellia Under-Stair’

From there head up the stairs and the painting will be on the right, by the rubble and alcove


In order to find the location shown in the painting you will need to travel east of Dragonbarrow Cave and west of Lenne’s Rise.

Head along the edge of the cliffs and you will end up at Minor Erdtree. Now keep an eye on the ground below and when you find some tree branches jump on to them. We need to carefully make our way to the ground below.

The painter can be found down here. Our reward for this one is the Ash of War, Rain of Arrows


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