Far Cry 6 – Harpoon (Main Story Mission) Walkthrough

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Harpoon is one of the many main story chapters, also known as Operation Missions.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Knuckleball
  • NEXT MISSION: Our Right to Party
  • REWARDS: 150 Guerrilla Experience, 1944 Petrov HS-100 ”Karlito”
  • LOCATION: El Agujero – Conuco
  • QUEST GIVER: Yelena Morales
  • GUIDE:


  • We will now need to head to Torrero Beach, which is to the south west. If you have a fast travel near here then it is best to use it in order to cut down time
  • When you arrive go ahead and speak to El Tigre.


  • We will now be tasked with escorting the Karlito tank and making sure it doesn’t take damage


  • After successfully managing to escort Karlito to the building, we will now be on our own to find Admiral Benitez
  • Keep an eye on the doors because they will unlock one by one, each time they open enemy guards will arrive. However, push them aside and make your way into the room behind them
  • In the next room, after taking down some enemies, the gas will then turn on. Quickly head to the valves and interact with them to turn off the gas.
  • There will be a total of 4 gas valves that you will need to interact with, one on the ground level (there is a set of stairs that you can use to get up and down the different floors)
  • There will then be one on the second floor, use the pipes to get across to it. Then next to the valve on the second floor, there will be a set of ladders that you can use in order to reach the next valve.
  • Finally there will be a valve not too far away from the last one, simply head through the hole in the gate and use the pipes to reach it.
  • After taking care of the gas valves, Benitez will then send one of her men to try and take you down, eliminate them. Once you are done, they will end up dropping a Northern Wing Keycard.
  • Head into the door on the second floor that we have yet to use, in here we can get another Northern Wing Keycard, you only need the one card. So if the enemy didn’t drop it for some reason then get the one in here instead
  • Now head to the ground floor and there will be a door with a red lock and prison written next to it. Use the keycard here
  • In here there will be some trapped guerrilla. In order to free them, simply head into the control room and interact with the controls box. Then quickly run to their aid as enemy troopers come running in.
  • Once the combat ends, one of the guards should end up dropping the Southern Wing Keycard.
  • NOTE: If any of the guerrilla manage to survive they will then help aid us with the rest of the mission
  • Now head through the door that Benitez ran through earlier and use the Southern Wing Keycard on the following door.
  • We will now meet up with Jonron


  • Simply eliminate the enemy
  • Unfortunately Admiral Benitez will run off further into the building and lower a gate down on us. Use the nearby cannon to help defeat the enemy that will continue to spawn until Yelena successfully manages to hack the other cannon.
  • When Yelena has successfully hacked the other cannon, aim for the large door that Benitez lowered and we can then proceed.
  • (NOTE: If the cannon gets destroyed you will have to restart. Thankfully the checkpoint is practically where we were)
  • Ignore the enemy now as they will just waste time. Instead head through the door to confront Admiral Benitez. She has got one of our team mates held as hostage


Its time to take down Admiral Benitez at her main base of operations. La Moral and some of the old guerrillas will rendezvous at Lopez Tower Ruin and launch an attack. Find Benitez. Kill her.


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