Far Cry 6 – Triada Blessings (Yaran Story) Guide

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Triada Blessings is one of the available Yaran story quests.

It requires you to find and collect Triada Relics and complete Treasure Hunts

  • YARAN STORY MISSION: Triada Blessings
  • LOCATION: Oluwa Cave – Quito
  • REWARDS: 300 Guerrilla Experience, Triador (Stealth Supremo), Oluso (Stealth Amigo)
  • RANK: Rank 3
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A Triggered Automatically
  • GUIDE:
  • In order to trigger this specific Yara Story Mission, you will need to collect any one of the 3 Triada Relics.
  • The relics can be found in various different locations.
  • Some of the relics require you to solve puzzles, whilst others require a bit of platforming.
  • Getting one of them will trigger and activate this mission.
  • You will need to gather all 3 Triada Relics in order to successfully complete the entire mission.
  • When you have collected them all, head to Oluwa Cave to complete the mission
  • Watch the video above for the locations on how to get all of the required Triada Relics
  • NOTE: In order to get the relic from Cruz Del Salvador, it needs to be nightfall. Meaning the door will not open until it is night. So either wait or do something else and then come back.
  • NOTE: These Triada Relics are also part of a Treasure Hunt. These Treasure Hunts include; Oku’s Triada Relic, Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic, and Ida’s Triada Relic
  • NOTE: By completing this mission you can also unlock the Fashionista trophy achievement. As you will get the Ida’s Sigil (Head Gear), Oluwa’s Heart (Chest Gear), Oku’s Deliverance (Leg Gear), Mimo Abosi’s Mirage (Foot Gear), Eternal Dance (Wrist Gear) as rewards, which when put on performs as a set.


Return the Triada relics to their rightful home

Three idols are missing from the Oluwa Cave. Legends say there is one in Medrugada, one in Valle de Oro, and one in El Edte. I should find them and bring them back to the cave


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