(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Crate Annihilator (Whack-A-Box) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Crate Annihilator is another trophy achievement that you can get whilst in Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard.

It requires you to play the mini-game Whack-a-Box and beating top score of 30000 points.

After completing all of the different side quests or rather the ones related to the kids such as (Kids on Patrol) this mini-game will then unlock.
You can begin the game as you try to complete the side quest Verified Hero

All you need to do is attack the different boxes in this fixed area, the Yellow boxes will score you 50 points whilst the blue ones will score you 100 and 150 points.

It isn’t actually that difficult and I thought using the Ability Triple Slash was a huge help too as it managed to attack the boxes much faster than normal attacks, also make sure to keep in Operator Mode too as though it may be slower it does hit a lot harder. 

It may take a few attempts but it’s not too difficult or it shouldn’t be at least. Also make sure to hit the red boxes that can be found as these will keep the above timer going. 

After completing this one you can then move onto the Hard Difficulty

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