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Eligor is another boss featured in the story, he appears in Chapter 11 – Haunted. Mounted on a horse with wheels and carrying a spear, one could almost be mistaken for the mighty Odin and Sleipnir

NAME: Eligor
CHAPTER: Chapter 11 – Haunted
HP: 17171
DROPS: Echo Mist
STEALABLE ITEMS: Bladed Staff (Weapon for Aerith)

Eligor being a knight sitting on a horse can of course be quite a challenging opponent, with the ability Trample which can charge at you and ram you over.

Sweeping and Piercing Gaze is another favourite move of his too, involving a red laser beam shooting out of it’s head.  With the latter one being able to stun your party members briefly. 

After it has managed to take sufficient damage, Eligor will charge into the air and cast Reflect on its-self. Thus any and all magic will be null and void unless the Reflect is dealt with.
The plus side to this however, is that you can still attack him whilst he is in the air and use melee attacks instead, thus both Tifa and Cloud will be good for this. 

Whilst in the air Eligor will use abilities such as Javelin Bolts which will summon spears doing like a rain of arrows, thus getting hit by these will of course deal damage. 

After it has once again received enough damage it will start using some additional attacks once again, including Winds of Gehenna
Winds of Gehenna has the ability to suck your party towards him and cause damage when you do get close, so be sure to keep your distance. It’s at this point though when you can finally aim for the wheels, which will be the new weak point. 

Eligor won’t make it easy for you though, as he now starts going around in circles spinning his spear about, meaning you can no longer attack using melee attacks during this. If you do you will more than likely get smacked. Instead just use magic such as Fire and Aero that can track and hit on impact, using Ice will likely miss him altogether. Only use Ice when he is standing still once again.

The overall strategy to defeating Eligor is to at the start of the fight, attack either it’s back or head and ignore the wheels for now. Attacking the wheels will make attacks bounce back off and will do nothing at all in terms of dealing any form of damage.

When he is in the air simply use either Cloud or Tifa and their melee attacks on him, unless you have the ability to remove Reflect.

Eventually the wheels will be available to hit and no longer be a null target, at this point aim for the wheels (at least one of them).

Watch out for his spinning spear attack when he goes around in circles, only use melee attacks when he gets dizzy and stops. In the meantime use Aero and Fire on one of his wheels.
Then when he does eventually stop, you can then use Ice and melee attacks once again.

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