(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Tifa (PS4 Dynamic Theme) Preview

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The fanboys can now rejoice as the (FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake – Tifa Dynamic Theme for PS4 is now available and for FREE

The gifts just keep on coming and thanks to the team at Square Enix this wonderful Tifa theme is the latest one to become available to download on PS4.

As you can see it shows a dynamic picture of the character Tifa who is of course loved by many. The theme also comes with music and Tifa’s lovely hair swaying in the breeze. You can see a video below of what this theme actually comes with…

This one can be downloaded from the (PS) Playstation Store

The Tifa theme is only one of many available Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Themes that the team over at Square Enix have released. You can see the others here: FREE Character Cast Theme and Cloud Strife (PS+) Playstation Plus Theme

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