(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – All Mission: Find Freddy Collectibles Guide

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This page is dedicated to providing a list of the various different collectibles that can be found during the Find Freddy mission

The collectibles can often be found inside carry bags and present gift boxes and range from clothing, misc items, and messages. Collecting them all will net you with the Lost and Found trophy achievement

Keep in mind though if you happen to get caught you risk loosing all of your currently obtained collectibles prior to your last save, so remember to save often!

(Full List Of Collectibles)


  • COLLECTIBLE: Question
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return to Freddy
  • TYPE: Messages
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find this one inside a carry bag on the right side of the changing rooms.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Star Shirt
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return to Freddy
  • TYPE: Misc
  • GUIDE:
  • Whilst in the changing room you can find this one inside one of the stalls.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Old Poster
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return to Freddy
  • TYPE: Trophies
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find this collectible in amongst the shelves and boxes


  • COLLECTIBLE: Glam Roxy Plush
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return to Freddy
  • TYPE: Misc
  • GUIDE:
  • From the shelving and box area continue north to find a bunch of security bots.
  • Navigate past these bots and head east, you will then be in an small area with several doors.
  • Enter the final door on the left.


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