Genshin Impact – A Lone Ship In Guyun (Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Genshin Impact also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is A Lone Ship In Guyun which is available whilst exploring the Sea of Clouds, Liyue

It will involve finding ourselves on a heavily armed ship and performing errands

  • LOCATION: Sea Of Clouds
  • TYPE: World Quest
  • QUEST GIVER: Suling


  • When you first board the Armed Ship in the Sea of Clouds, a scene will trigger. You can get to the Armed Ship by jumping and gliding from the cliffs of Guyun Stone Forest
  • After the scene we now want to go ahead and speak to Suling
  • Suling can be found on the second floor by the weapon rack and various chests
  • After speaking with him, we will now want to go ahead and speak to Sea Drake
  • Sea Drake can be found by the Ship’s Helm (Wheel), he isn’t too far away from Suling
  • We now want to go ahead and speak with Xu Liushi
  • Xu Liushi can be found on the mast of the ship, you will have to climb in order to reach him
  • After speaking with Xu Liushi our next stop will be Furong
  • Furong can be found on the deck of the ship, directly below Xu Liushi
  • It certainly feels like we are unwanted around these parts. After speaking with Furong we will now want to speak to yet another individual, this time by the name of Mora-Grubber who by now you should know where they are at least.
  • If not then return to either Sea Drake or Suling and you will spot them!
  • Bah we have yet another individual to talk to, no doubt they will dislike our presence here too. Anyway lets go and track down Yinxing
  • Yinxing can be found just down the stairs, to the left of Sea Drake
  • Finally, time for something a bit different as we now have an errand to run. We will now need to give Bolai a letter from Yinxing
  • Before we actually go ahead and hand Bolai his letter and since we are most likely going to be passing them too, go ahead and speak to Little Yue in order to get their errand too
  • Little Yue will want 3 Starconch. The Starconch can be found on the beaches of Liyue. Once you have them, give it to him
  • Then head on up the stairs behind Little Yue in order to go and speak to Juza. Seems as though he isn’t sure on the whereabouts of Bolai, go ahead and agree to help him.
  • If you haven’t got any Raw Meat for Juza, then you can get them off Boars and Squirrels in Mondstadt and Liyue
  • We will now have to teleport to Liyue Harbor
  • Whilst here we will need to go and find Changchang. Go ahead and tell her that Little Yue can not leave the ship
  • Then after speaking with her, drop down to the wooden walkway below, here you should be able to find Bolai
  • After speaking to both Bolai and Changchang we can return back to the Ship
  • Back on the ship go ahead and speak to Little Yue and Yinxing
  • Then finally you can go and speak to Juza. Quest end.


A heavily armed ship of unknown origins has stopped outside Guyun Stone Forest. You hop right on board to investigate…


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