Genshin Impact – The Chi Of Guyun (Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Genshin Impact also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is The Chi Of Guyun which is available whilst exploring the Bishui Plain, Mondstadt

It will involve activating various Geo Statues and collecting Fragments

  • LOCATION: Bishui Plain
  • TYPE: World Quest
  • QUEST GIVER: Yan’er


  • In order to trigger this specific side quest you will first off need to speak to Yan’er who is near the Bishui Plain ruin. (Take the left fork at Stone Gate)
  • The ruin should now be marked and you will have to go and investigate it. A Ruin Hunter will be here and you will need to defeat it
  • Read the ‘Incomplete Writing‘ in order to learn about a magic formula no longer being in effect
  • Head in a North West direction now and up the hill
  • Here you should bump into a Dragon type stone statue alongside some large pieces of amber, examine it. We need to find a total of 3 of these type statues, since we have already found one that leaves two still to be found
  • The statues are often hiding amongst large pieces of amber so look for these in order to find them. In fact the next one should be to the South of the last statue (in the direction that the last statue was facing)
  • The final statue is to the North East of the last one. They are all quite close to each other so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to actually find them
  • After examining them all, a Treasure Chest should then pop. Examine that too
  • We now want to head to Qingce Village
  • At Qingce Village you will need to ask about the fragments. If you speak to the character Little You, she will tell you about Granny Ruoxin
  • Lets go and find granny!
  • You will find her using the above image or if you open your map, aim and head for the ‘GE’ part of Qingce Village. Either way find Granny Ruoxin
  • Once you have successfully found her, go ahead and speak to her and tell her about the Fragment
  • You will now need to hunt down the Geo Statues, these can be found at the top of Wuwang Hill, which will require you to climb.
  • Here examine the ‘Incomplete Writing’ which shines in the middle of the water here. Now this next part is very important
  • Whilst reading the Incomplete Writing there will be several words highlighted in blue, these are clues as to which statue needs to be activated first
  • The correct order is as follows; Wind-Swept Ruin, Snow-Capped Peak, Adepti’s Abode and City of Liyue
  • These clues are actual locations that are nearby and your job is to activate the Geo Statue that faces these locations and in the order I mentioned above too.
  1. Wind-Swept Ruin

(Activate the statue that faces this FIRST)

2. Snow-Capped Peak

(Activate the statue that faces this AFTER activating the Wind-Swept Ruin statue)

3. Adepti’s Abode

(Activate this one AFTER the Snow-Capped Peak statue)

4. City Of Liyue

(Activate this one LAST)

  • Hopefully with the images and such this puzzle will be an easy one to solve. Anyway with that hopefully now done a Treasure Chest will now spawn and you will receive a second Fragment. Two down only one more to go
  • Glide down now, back to lower ground. You will now want to search for a Shrine area (If you look at your map it will be where the ‘Q’ for Qingce Village is)
  • Once you arrive, again read the Incomplete Writing here in order to get an idea of which statue needs activating first
  • The clues this time are: North, South-East, North-West, North-East and South-West
  • This one is actually quite straight forward as each Geo Statue is positioned in certain areas which corresponds to this. So obviously activate the statues in the order marked above. With the North statue being on the high ledge and thus above the other statues
  • Congratulations we should now have all 3 Fragments!
  • Return back to Granny Ruoxin in order to tell her of our findings
  • We will now have to find a way into the Vault
  • The location of where we need to go now is slightly North West of Qingce Village. So head there
  • Here you should spot a Waterfall, the path we need to take is just behind this said Waterfall. The entrance to the area behind the Waterfall is to the right
  • Use the Collected Fragments in order to unlock the Hidden Gate Of Qingce
  • As you approach the structure activate it and then waves of enemies will spawn and your goal is to defeat them whilst also trying to protect the structure too.
  • After the fights are over, your rewards can be found towards the back of the room
  • Return back to Granny Ruoxin. Quest end. Achievement unlocked Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi






+ It seems Mt. Qingce is hiding some secrets…


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