Ghost Of Tsushima : The Black & White Dye Merchant Locations (Monochrome Masters) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Ghost of Tsushima, one of which is Monochrome Masters

Monochrome Masters requires players to Purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants.

These merchants can be found easily enough and one of which can be found in the region of Izuhara and the other one can be found in the region of Toyotama 

The merchants have a habit of selling Vanity Gear, Armor Dyes and Hats.


This first one can be found in the Komoda area of Izuhara. You will see him hanging around the white sheets and flowers in orange vases. He is the White Dye Merchant
On first inspection he seems to sell the following;

(Bow Vanity Gear) Longbow – Nine-Tailed Fox
(Armor Dyes) Traveller’s Attire – Graceful Pathfinder
(Armor Dyes) Ronin Attire – Moonlight Slayer
(Hats) Pure Intent Headband


The last merchant can be found in the Toyotama region and near Ruins of Old Yarikawa
This merchant is the Black Dye Merchant
The actual merchant will be hiding inside the nearby cave.
On first inspection he will be known to sell the following;

(Bow Vanity Gear) Half Bow – Piercing Shadows
(Armor Dyes) Tadayori’s Armor – Hunter at Dusk
(Armor Dyes) Traveller’s Attire – Journey into Night
(Armor Dyes) Sakai Clan Armor – Lord of Night
(Armor Dyes) Gosaku’s Armor – Unwavering Mountain
(Armor Dyes) Ghost Armor – Shadow of Justice
(Armor Dyes) Kensei Armor – Dark Promise

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