(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – All Freyr’s Camp Collectibles (Chests, Artefacts)

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Freyr’s Camp is a location featured within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is part of Vanaheim and features a total of 7 different collectibles to be found and collected altogether.

These collectibles include Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Yggdrasil Rifts, Artefacts, and Lores.

(Note: Some of the collectibles within this area are locked behind specific story points. It is best to complete the game before trying to collect them all)


Legendary Chests: 2/2

Lore: 2/2

Artefacts: 1/1

Odin’s Ravens: 1/1

Remnants Of Asgard 1/1

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (Freyr’s Lament)
LOCATION: This one is located on the floor by a small campfire.

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (Vanaheim Lullaby)
LOCATION: This piece of lore is located on the root of a large tree within the camp.

LOCATION: This raven is located in the distance, next to a circled structure

COLLECTIBLE: Artefact (Skirnir’s Crest)
LOCATION: This one is located at the Mystic Gateway

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Muspelheim Seed)
LOCATION: This one is located by the water, next to the camp. The Spear is required to break down the wall that then reveals the chest


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