Halo Infinite – All Skulls Collectibles (Catacomb) Locations Guide

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The Skulls are one of the many different collectable items that you can find whilst exploring Halo Infinite. Finding and getting them all will unlock the Headstrong and Catacomb achievement.

Below is list of missions where you can find them…

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#1 – SKULL

  • MISSION: Warship Gbraakon
  • SKULL: Boom
  • MISSION / OBJECTIVE: Locate the bridge
  • DESCRIPTION: Behold, the Temple of Boom. Doubles explosion radius.
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue through the mission you will inevitably come across a room with quite a few enemies and lifts in.
  • In order to get the Skull tap the scan button and you should notice the Skull, ride the lift up in order to reach it.

#2 – SKULL

  • MISSION: Foundation
  • SKULL: Cowbell
  • MISSION / OBJECTIVE: Follow the Signal
  • DESCRIPTION: Because we need more Cowbell. Acceleration from explosions is increased
  • GUIDE:
  • After acquiring the Weapon we will find ourselves in a room with a ledge we can grapple up to, do so.
  • Whilst we are up here there will be another ledge next to us, the skull is on here.

#3 – SKULL

  • MISSION: Recovery / The Tower
  • MISSION / OBJECTIVE: Did they really just say that? Rare combat dialogue becomes more common
  • GUIDE:
  • This Skull can be found at the end of the Recovery / The Tower mission. Simply climb up to the rooftop of the building you were just in.
  • You will need to have the Quickshot ability unlocked in order to decrease the grapple ability cooldown.

#4 – SKULL

  • MISSION: The Command Spire
  • SKULL: Mythic
  • MISSION / OBJECTIVE: Reach the observation platform
  • DESCRIPTION: Because it wasn’t hard enough. Enemies have increased health
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue through the mission you will come across a rather brightly lit room, with the power generator in our direct focus.
  • At the back of the room there will be several moving platforms, we need to grapple up on to these.
  • From there grapple on to the platform just above, the skull can be found just beyond the door up here.

#5 – SKULL

  • SKULL: Grunt Birthday Party
  • MISSION / OBJECTIVE: Reach the surface of the Ring
  • DESCRIPTION: Maybe it’s the methane? Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue the story you will be required to activate the Access Relay, this will result in a scene involving Escharum.
  • Ignore the story for now and head through the side room on the right, use the grapple to get there. Inside this room there will be a Power Seed, take it.
  • Now take the Power Seed and insert it into the other side room, again use the grapple to get there. Continue the story.
  • After a few more rooms we will then reach a room with pillars and doors to each side, the skull can be found up on top of the platform above. Watch out though as Energy Sword wielding foes live up here too.



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