Halo Infinite – All Spartan Core Suit Upgrades (Outpost Tremonius) Locations Guide

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Outpost Tremonius has many different collectibles that we can hunt and find, one of which is the Spartan Core Suit Upgrades. Which can be collected and then the necessary upgrades can be made from the Upgrades menu.

The Spartan Core Suit Upgrades can be found in green container boxes. They can improve your grapple ability, shield defence, and more..

Below is a list of how to find them..


  • DESCRIPTION: Grappleshot stuns grappled enemies for several seconds
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find this one as soon as the mission begins, the container box will be right in front of you.


  • LOCATION / OBJECTIVE: Clear the Landing Zone
  • GUIDE:
  • This one can be found as soon as you open the loading bay doors and head outside for the first time. Simply make a U-turn.
  • The Spartan Core can be found behind the ship you were just in.


  • LOCATION / OBJECTIVE: Clear the Landing Zone
  • GUIDE:
  • From the last Spartan Core deal with the Banished here and you should spot a gate.
  • Use the nearby boxes to climb and jump over this gate, the next Spartan Core can be found to the left.


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