Halo Infinite – Mission: Pelican Down Walkthrough Guide

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This page is a walkthrough for the Pelican Down mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: Banished Audio Logs 3/3, Spartan Core 5/5, Mjolnir Locker 1/1, Spartan Audio Logs 5/5,
  • At the start of the mission continue along the path towards a large building, this place will be swarmed with Banished. However, there will also be an elevator here too
  • Before riding the elevator up, just to the left will be a Spartan Core we can collect. Now we can ride the elevator.
  • We should now be at the Gun Battery, our next collectible can also be found here too. The Banished Audio Log (Reformation) resides in the building here
  • Continue up the path to another group of Banished. There will be a Mjolnir Locker (Warmaster’s Prize Battle Rifle) near here for us to collect
  • From the locker head to the gravilift by the platform and ride it into our first AA Gun. Once inside activate the Expose Core mechanism and this should eliminate the west AA Gun
  • Head to the Palican Down, to the large damaged ship, here we can find our next collectible (Spartan Audio Log – Debrief)
  • Whilst we are the the Pelican Down still, there is a Spartan Core we can collect. It will require our grapple to reach it. The core will be residing on a large part of the ship.
  • Still on the hunt for collectibles there is another Spartan Audio Log (The Mission), this too is also on the ship.
  • Head to where you found the last Spartan Core, it is on the ship’s engine section. Anyway next to this part of the ship you can find the Those Left Behind – Spartan Audio Log
  • Now make your way to the eastern Gun Battery. There will be quite a lot of Banished here, including two Hunters.
  • After dealing with the Banished and before we continue with the story, there are a few more collectibles for us to get including a Banished Audio Log (Loyalties)
  • The audio log can be found in a building on the road towards the Gun Battery itself
  • There is another Spartan Core inside one of the caves here too, its in the much smaller cave by the hill leading down.
  • At the eastern battery there will be some debris of a ship nearby, inside this is a Spartan Audio Log (Confrontation)
  • In order to get the gravlift activated and therefore allow us a way into the Gun Battery, we will need to activate the gravlift using the mechanical device found in the nearby cave.
  • Activate the device and head into the Gun Battery and expose the core.
  • Head to the north AA Gun now, the final one of the mission.
  • Deal with the Banished and head for the elevator, do not ride it yet. To the left of the elevator there will be a building, in here you can find the Banished Audio Log (Home)
  • Ride the elevator up and deal with the Banished here
  • You can find a Spartan Core in the building on the right, it is on the ground floor in the corner should be easy to notice. Hit the scan button if you are having trouble.
  • To the west of the northern Gun Battery and near and enemy settlement we can find our final Spartan Core of the mission
  • Near here, if you continue to climb up the nearby hill you will come across a Spartan Audio Log (Reverie’s End), it is also our final collectible of the mission.
  • Okay let us complete the mission! Return to the northern Gun Battery.
  • Just like with the last Gun Battery we will need to activate the gravilift, the mechanism can be found close by to where the gravilift should be. Activate it and head inside the battery.
  • After dealing with all three Gun Batteries, we will now need to travel to the Pelican Down where we will have to fight yet more Banished.
  • Once the Banished have been taken care of, they should not be too difficult. We will now need to locate our pilot, who is marked on our map.
  • Mission Complete

NEXT MISSION: The Sequence


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