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The tar wall blockade is basically a wall of tar that seems to be blocking something. A passage perhaps? Regardless this latest wall is part of a puzzle and it comes as we try to find Greez. It also sits next to a rather large pool of tar. Similar to the previous puzzle which also featured a pool of tar.

During this section it may also come as a bit of a dead end section. There seems to be a path next to us that, when looking down, appears to go on forever. Though, if we chose to jump down there then we would likely fall to our deaths. So how do we progress on with this area? How do we solve this great wall of tar?


How To Cross The Pool Of Tar (Dredger Gorge)


The wall of tar is something that we will inevitably come across as we continue our search for Greez. It is located within the Derelict Dam. Shortly after having solved a previous tar puzzle.

Funnily enough the same method of solving that one also applies to this one. Again we will need to use explosives. However, unlike before there does not seem to be any nearby explosives that we can use and take advantage of. So how do we get around this problem?


Well as you can see there is a nearby pool of tar. This will come in useful as we will need to cross it but first, there should be a wall on the other side of this area.

This wall can be destroyed in order to reveal our explosives. These little droids are round and tend to try and chase you, so if you get too close to it there will be an explosion that may result in damage being taken.

So our goal is to lure them towards us but, of course, not too close. Then lure them towards the wall. Switch over to the Force ability and basically throw it at the wall.

The tar wall will then explode upon impact and the pool of tar will begin to rise as more tar comes pouring in. This now allows us to cross the pool and get to the other side.

Remember if you end up falling into the tar for whatever reason then do not linger as it is basically like quicksand. It will slowly begin to drag Cal under and we will need to redo our previous few attempts.


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