Judgment : All Stray Cat Locations (Oh Look, A Cat!) Guide

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​Here we guide you on how and where to find all Stray Cats netting you the Oh Look, A Cat Trophy / Achievement

There are total of 26 Stray Cats within Judgment and all of which are MISSABLE They will only appear during specific segments of the games story and once you have passed that specific part the Cat is gone until your next playthrough


Search ‘ Locate Your Drone’
CAT LOCATION: On top of Air Con Unit


This Cat only appears when ‘Locate Your Drone’ is your primary objective. The Cat itself is on top of the Air Con Unit to the left

STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Find The Security Camera’
CAT LOCATION: At the store entrance to the left


When you are searching for the Security Camera near Club Amour, the Cat will be on the left side of the Alleyway behind a small red barrier

CAT LOCATION: The Cat is on top of the Vending Machine


When looking for Kaito outside of KJ Art, the Cat is on top of the Vending Machine to the left

STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Use the drone to find Murase’
CAT LOCATION: On the Roof of KJ Art


When using the Drone to find Murase you will find the Cat on the Roof of the building

STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Turn On Room Lights’
CAT LOCATION: Outside the Window


Whilst acting as a Mechanic in order to find Murase you will find yourself in a room where you need to turn on the Lights.
After doing so look outside the window and to the right a bit to find this little Moggy. 

STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Find The Security Camera’
CAT LOCATION: Next to the small Black Chalk Board Sign


When you find yourself needing to search for a Security Camera near Kyushu No 1 Sushi. You will find the Puss Puss near the small Black sign at the end of the street


STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Investigate where the corpse was found’
CAT LOCATION: On top of the Fence


When you are tasked with looking for the second serial murder, the Cat can be found on top of the Fence



You can find out all of the other cat locations using the below video.

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