King’s Bounty II – Rays Of Sunshine (Crown Lands) Puzzle Riddle Guide

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One of the many different puzzles that you will come across within King’s Bounty II involves lighting various fire chalice. This specific puzzle can be found whilst exploring the Crown Lands

You can find a simple guide on how to solve this below..

  • This is another missable puzzle riddle that you can come across, however it will be marked on the map as a treasure chest.
  • You can actually find this specific puzzle over in the Crown Lands by one of the Swan Song markers
  • Here you will spot some ruins, the puzzle resides here.
  • We will now found ourselves surrounded by statues who are holding fire chalice, the only hint we have in order to be able to solve this one is the tablet in the middle


  • The tablet in the middle of the area will be our only hint in solving this one
  • The tablet reads the following; The rays of sunshine from the east. Light the western peaks, white and silver. The howling of the northern winds urges the birds south for winter
  • Now if you look closely at the tablet you will notice some pictures on it, these pictures resemble the hint.


(From the stone pedestal facing North)

  1. Begin by lighting the chalice to the North West
  2. Light the chalice to the South East, by the greenery.
  3. Now interact with the statue on the South West
  4. Finally light the chalice to the North East
  • After successfully lighting all 4 fire chalice a treasure chest will now appear on the stone pedestal
  • You will be rewarded with 800 Gold, Nostrian Chain Mail, and Jade


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