Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil – All Momett Doll Bells (Noxious La-Lakoosha) Locations Guide

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The Momett Doll Bells are one of the secret collectibles that can be found within Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil.

In order to unlock the Momett Dolls you will need to find the various Momett Doll Bells. These bells can usually be found trapped inside bubbles or inside Ngapoko eggs. They are the equivalent to the Phantomilians found within the previous Klonoa title, Klonoa Door To Phantomile.

Finding and getting all of the required Momett Dolls will unlock both the My Hunny Bunny and My Sweetheart trophies and achievements

Each vision mission will feature a total of 6 Momett Doll Bells to be found and every time you collect one the game will then display a small picture, which corresponds to how many you still have left to find and collect.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be concentrating on finding the Momett Doll Bells that can be found within the Noxious La-Lakoosha vision mission

PREVIOUS VISION: Maze of Memories

GUIDE: This first bell is rather close to the starting position. In fact once you reach the first set of platforms, feel free to jump them in order to find our first bell.

GUIDE: Head inside the cave and ride the cannon. After the cannon ride we should be able to locate our next one.

GUIDE: Head to the next cave and continue past the Ow-Gow. The bell is just here, you can either grapple or use the flying moo in order to reach it. It will actually be on the tree type platform

GUIDE: Once back outside again continue on and you should then be able to spot this one as you get closer to the Goddess statue Claire. It will be on the platforms just above the Armored Moo.

GUIDE: Heading back inside once again, here we will need to destroy the various boxes. This will let us make use of the flying Kiton. We need the Kiton to reach the next bell.

The bell is quite high up in the air.

GUIDE: The final doll bell is at the pendulum area. You will have to destroy the pillars in order to reach it.

NEXT VISION: Dark Sea Of Tears


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