Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil – All Momett Doll Bells (The Forgotten Path) Locations Guide

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The Momett Doll Bells are one of the secret collectibles that can be found within Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil.

In order to unlock the Momett Dolls you will need to find the various Momett Doll Bells. These bells can usually be found trapped inside bubbles or inside Ngapoko eggs. They are the equivalent to the Phantomilians found within the previous Klonoa title, Klonoa Door To Phantomile.

Finding and getting all of the required Momett Dolls will unlock both the My Hunny Bunny and My Sweetheart trophies and achievements

Each vision mission will feature a total of 6 Momett Doll Bells to be found and every time you collect one the game will then display a small picture, which corresponds to how many you still have left to find and collect.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be concentrating on finding the Momett Doll Bells that can be found within the The Forgotten Path vision mission

PREVIOUS VISION: Kingdom of Sorrow

GUIDE: Slide your way through the vision mission as normal until you reach your first ramp, the doll bell is here.

GUIDE: As you continue you will eventually reach a platform just above you, the next one is here.

GUIDE: From the last bell continue on through the cannon and into the next area. This one will be more or less unmissable as it will be on the same path that you will be sliding along.

GUIDE: You will find this one as you continue. It will be on the more narrow and twisting path with the Spikers.

GUIDE: From the last momett bell continue on into the next area, where the path becomes yet even more narrow and twisting. This area will also start having the orange more fiery beams too.

You will find this star bell just after a large Spiker

GUIDE: At the wall of blue flames there will be a ramp to the left, this ramp will lead to an above platform and a cannon. Ride this cannon. Yes, we are taking a bit of a detour from the original path.

Just after the large Spiker you will find a ramp and then another ramp straight after, on the left. Use these ramps to find and reach the final momett doll bell.


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