Klonoa Door To Phantomile – All Phantomilians (Nightmare Dreamers) Vision 1-2 Locations Guide

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Phantomilians are residents that have been trapped. There is said to be a total of six Phantomilians to be found throughout each vision. Visions are technically the missions within the game. Getting them all will net you with the Hero of Phantomile trophy achievement (Save dreamers from their nightmares)

They are one of the many collectibles within the game and look like little musical note bubbles. Although some Phantomilians can also be found inside Ngapoko eggs

When you have successfully managed to find a Phantomilian the game will then indicate how many you have left to find. The game will indicate this by showing a small collectible picture.

This specific guide will help you locate all 6 Phantomilians located within Vision 1-2 (The Diva and the Dark Spirit)


GUIDE: At the start of the vision we will find ourselves at the Gunston Mine. Here we will want to descend to the platform below.

We should then be able to locate the Fan Grass, use it to ride on up and grab the Phantomilian.

GUIDE: This one is hiding off screen. You can find it after heading up the various Fan Grass. Here we will then find a Ngapoko egg. Use one of the enemies that patrol the area and break open the egg to get this one.

GUIDE: After riding the mine cart we will then find ourselves back outside. Continue on towards the Ngapoko egg.

Right next to the Ngapoko egg is a Fan Grass, use it to reach the Phantomilian

GUIDE: Keep following the path until you manage to see a doorway on another path below, head inside here.

Once inside keep going and head up the ledge to find a Mirror Spirit. Just above the Mirror Spirit is the next Phantomilian

GUIDE: Return back outside and head on up the path this time around. Continue until you reach a path that is different from the rest, by that I mean we are looking for a more stone like path.

Follow this stone like path west, past the waterfall. Here we will come across a doorway and a Ngapoko egg. Enter the doorway. We are now back inside the Gunston Mine.

Whilst inside the mine make sure to follow the lower path whenever possible. The Phantomilian is inside the Ngapoko egg

GUIDE: Continue on from the egg and keep to the top platform now and we will stumble across a large rock structure. Use the yellow enemy patrol to throw and create a new pathway using this structure.

Then use another enemy patrol to reach the above platform. On this top platform head left and collect the Hearts. The Phantomilian is just above us.

NEXT VISION: Vision 2-1


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