LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All 19 Datacard Locations (What Have You Done With Those Plans) Locations Guide

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In Lego Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga there are many different collectibles to find and collect, one such collectable are the Datacards.

There is a total of 19 Datacards altogether and getting them all will unlock the What Have You Done With Those Plans trophy achievement

Now it is recommended that you complete the entire game first before attempting to collect these, the reason behind this is due to needing specific equipment. It is the easiest way of making sure you can get them all without having too much trouble.

PLANET: Geonosis
LOCATION: Stalgasin Hive Canyons
GUIDE: This one can be found on the cliffs of Geonosis and the Stalgasin Hive Canyons. It will require you to climb and glide.

PLANET: Tatooine
LOCATION: Jundland Wastes
GUIDE: This one is the Studs x2 Datacard. You will find it on top of the mountains

PLANET: Tatooine
LOCATION: MOS Espa. Slave Quarters
GUIDE: This one is hiding inside the building.

PLANET: Tatooine
LOCATION: MOS Eisley. Civilian Quarters
GUIDE: This one is on the rooftop of a building, which requires the Glider.

PLANET: Kashyyyk
LOCATION: Kachirho
GUIDE: This one is hiding at the Tree Vikkilynn area. Simply head to the top of the tree area and glide to find this one stick in a small compartment on the side of the tree.

PLANET: Cantonica
LOCATION: Canto Bight. Old Town
GUIDE: This one is sitting on the balcony of a building in the Old Town. You can get it by grappling and using BB-8

PLANET: Yavin 4
LOCATION: Great Temple. Temple Hangar
GUIDE: This one can be found on the above bridge inside the temple, use the glider to reach it.

PLANET: Dagobah
LOCATION: Dragonsnake Bog
GUIDE: This one is hovering above a tree branch

PLANET: Mustafar
LOCATION: Mining Complex. Klegger Corp Mining Facility
GUIDE: Head up the stairs of the of the large building and there should be a tower to the left. The collectible is here and will require you to grapple yourself to it.

LOCATION: Crait Outpost. Landing Pad
GUIDE: Head to the area with the moving platforms and you should be able to spot this one on a high platform. Use the Glider to reach it.

PLANET: Bespin
LOCATION: Cloud City. Central Plaza
GUIDE: To the left of the plaza stairs there will be a breakable wall, use the Breaker Blaster and Glider.

LOCATION: Echo Base. Main Hangar
GUIDE: Grapple up to the platforms above to find this one.

LOCATION: Ewok Village
GUIDE: This one is located on the side of the the tree, simply make your way to the top of it and look for a door. It is basically inside the tree.

LOCATION: Crash Site. Company 77 Village
GUIDE: This one can easily be found behind a hut

PLANET: Takodana
LOCATION: Maz’s Castle.
GUIDE: At the fishing pier there will be a pillar with a button, press it and a chest will pop out of the water.

LOCATION: Niima Outpost. Niima Canyon
GUIDE: Near the debris there will be a large structure buried in the sand, head inside this structure.

PLANET: Coruscant
LOCATION: Federal District. Senate View
GUIDE: To get this one you will have to walk across the side of the building using the planks. Continue doing this until you reach a red barrier, use the conveniently placed boxes and place them on the switches.

PLANET: Coruscant
LOCATION: USCRU District. Outlander Club
GUIDE: This one can be found on the circle structure of the map, by the stairs.

PLANET: Exegol
LOCATION: Sith Citadel
GUIDE: This one is located on top of the pipes.


0:00 – 1:17 : Geonosis

1:17 – 2:10 : Tatooine (Studs x2)

2:10 – 2:42 : MOS Espa

2:42 – 3:23 : MOS Eisley

3:23 – 4:34 : Kashyyyk

4:34 – 5:24 : Cantonica

5:24 – 6:07 : Yavin 4

6:07 – 6:40 : Dagobah

6:40 – 7:24 : Mustafar

7:24 – 8:44 : Crait

8:44 – 9:30 : Bespin

9:30 – 10:31 : Hoth

10:31 – 11:10 : Endor

11:10 – 11:36 : Kef Bir

11:36 – 12:13 : Takodana

12:13 – 12:38 : Jakku

12:38 – 13:49 : Coruscant (Federal District)

13:49 – 14:19 : Coruscant (Uscru District)

14:19 – : Exegol


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