LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All Boarding Party Mission Challenges Guide

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The Boarding Party mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Something I amaze myself, Vacuumed Up, and I suggest a new strategy

MISSION CHALLENGE: Something I Amaze Myself
DESCRIPTION: Defeat an enemy with an explosive canister
GUIDE: This one can be done when you are tasked with Finding a way to get the Death Star plans. During this section a bunch of Stormtroopers will bust through a locked door. When this happens aim and target a nearby Fire Extinguisher.

DESCRIPTION: Flush Stormtroopers out into space
GUIDE: This one happens during the Find a way to get the Death Star plans objective. To the right of the map there will be corridor with fire, it will be near a cracked wall

Head through the fire by constructing a machine that you can use to douse the flames, then proceed through. At the end of this corridor make sure to use and solve the puzzle terminal.

MISSION CHALLENGE: I Suggest A New Strategy
DESCRIPTION: Defeat a Stormtrooper with their own weapon.
GUIDE: This one happens during the Reach the escape pod mission objective. Here you will be playing as C3P0 and in a room next to a bunch of Stormtroopers. What you want to do is activate the terminal and select the Turret option to stealth kill the unsuspecting troopers


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