LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All First Order Of Business Mission Challenges Guide

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The First Order Of Business mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Party Time, Hazardous Work Environment, and Sneaking Mission

DESCRIPTION: Trigger the disco
GUIDE: This one can only be done during the Story Mode. Then continue through the mission until you are tasked with obtaining a keycard or get a disguise to open the hangar doors.

Here there will be some objects we can break in the corner of the room. Go ahead and make a mess then construct the mess into a terminal we can then use.

Use the terminal to summon a disco ball.

DESCRIPTION: Discover the underground route into the hangar bay
GUIDE: This one can be done when you are tasked with obtaining a keycard or getting a disguise to open the hangar doors

During this segment of the game you should come across a Stormtrooper on a construction platform, here we will have the option to throw a grenade.

The grenade should then explode and we can then begin constructing something useful from the various pieces. This will allow us to construct a handle for the door. Grapple on to the new door handle to open the door.

Then in this next room you will want to find and insert the various containers into their correct places. This will then unlock the nearby door.

Heading through this door continue on down the ladders. We will now be in the steam room, use the nearby boxes to block the steam and allow us passage.

Then after successfully reaching the end of the hall grapple on to the door on the ceiling and we can then reach our destination.

MISSION CHALLENGE: Hazardous Work Environment
DESCRIPTION: Defeat enemies using hazards in the hangar bay
GUIDE: After reaching the hangar bay we will be tasked with reaching the TIE Fighters.

In here there will be a mechanism that we can aim at next to the large AT-AT, simply aim at this and it should bring the brute down.


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