LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All MiniKits (A Wrestle With Wesell) Locations Guide

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In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga one of the collectibles that can be found throughout the game are the minikits.

The minikits can be found within missions themselves and by completing puzzles. Each location has their own set of minikits and some can be quite difficult to find.

This page will be mainly focusing on the minikits found within A Wrestle With Wesell mission, there is a total of 5 to find altogether


This minikit will be available during the Shoot down the escaping assassin’s ship objective.

As you continue on you will come towards a floating pillar on the right, destroy it and you will get this one.


You can get this one by destroying the purple electrical barriers and just by continuing to fire at the Assassin.


This one can be collected by firing at the green targets that you will come across, there is a total of 3 to find altogether.


This one is hiding inside the large floating green object, just after getting the last minikit.


For this last one simply destroy the sign boards that you come across


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