LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All MiniKits (Now This Is Podracing) Locations Guide

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In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga one of the collectibles that can be found throughout the game are the minikits.

The minikits can be found within missions themselves and by completing puzzles. Each location has their own set of minikits and some can be quite difficult to find.

This page will be mainly focusing on the minikits found within Now This Is Podracing mission, there is a total of 5 to find altogether


In order to acquire the first minikit you are going to have to master and perfect the art of podracing!.

When the mission objective reads that you have to defeat the defences of the Droid Control Ship, there should be a nearby race marker that you can activate.

For this race you are going to have to score a total of 100 points and earn the Gold. Winning the Gold will earn you the minikit.

The objective for the race is to fly through the green gates and perform various tricks. The meter on the left tells you what your current score is. Keep the meter at max to win the prize.


Find and destroy the turrets on the ship to earn this one. There are 4 in total


You can get the remaining minikits when the objective changes to Defend yourself and expose the reactor cor. Basically when you land inside the control ship

Simply destroy everything you see and you will most likely unlock the next few minikits.


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