LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All MiniKits (So Uncivilised) Locations Guide

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In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga one of the collectibles that can be found throughout the game are the minikits.

The minikits can be found within missions themselves and by completing puzzles. Each location has their own set of minikits and some can be quite difficult to find.

This page will be mainly focusing on the minikits found within So Uncivilised mission, there is a total of 5 to find altogether


To the east of the Grievous vulture tracks mission objective there will be a section on the wall that allows for a net to be placed there. Switch to Rey and use the Net Launcher

Once at the top switch to someone who can activate the nearby terminal, such as Luke Skywalker. A machine will then lower, use a grenade and construct your reward


In the same are as the last collectible, return back to lower ground. There will be a wall with red buttons and patterns that sort of resemble droids. Two of which even look like Pacman characters

Use a character such as Padme to activate the terminal then switch to Obi Wan Kenobi and jump onto the new platform.

Using Obi Wan Kenobi climb up this wall, right to the very top, then use the much needed zipline. You will now be on a bridge with the next collectible.


Once again staying in the same area, make use of the nearby guns by sitting on the large chairs.

Using these guns you will want to aim and fire at the ships that pass by, you need to hit a total of 5 altogether.

You are aiming for the small darker ships that fly around.


In the area there should be a walkway and another walkway just below it.

Head down to the below walkway and begin cutting the wall, with the wall destroyed the next one will appear.


On the other side of the walkway there will be a small terminal for R2-D2. A creature will then appear and reward you with this last one.


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