LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All MiniKits (The Battle Of The Jedi) Locations Guide

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In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga one of the collectibles that can be found throughout the game are the minikits.

The minikits can be found within missions themselves and by completing puzzles. Each location has their own set of minikits and some can be quite difficult to find.

This page will be mainly focusing on the minikits found within The Battle Of The Jedi mission, there is a total of 5 to find altogether


You can get this one during the Find a route to Dooku’s hangar mission objective.

After being locked out of the room, switch to Wicket and use the Net Launcher on the wall. This will help us climb up to the ledge above.

The minikit is up on the ledge


To the south west of the map and whilst the objective still remains with finding a route to Dooku’s hangar. There will be a mechanism on the wall

Use a ranged character such as Leia and destroy this mechanism and collect this one.


Head up the dark stairs where rocks will be falling and switch to Wicket.

Have Wicket bust through the wall here using the Breaker Blaster


When the mission objective changes to Find a way to reach Count Dooku, you will find yourself in a room with a large structure with yellow pipes

In the corner there will be some boxes you can destroy, these boxes are also hiding the minikit.


In the same room as the last collectible there will be a door next to a puzzle terminal, solve the puzzle.

Construct a cannon out of what hides behind this door.

From there use the cannon to destroy the enemy targets, there is a total of 4 targets altogether. If need be you can also exit the cannon and defeat them that way.


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