LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All Revelations Mission Challenges Guide

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The Revelations mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Force Feedback, Ugnaught-Y, and Most Impressive

DESCRIPTION: Force throw 3 separate objects at Darth Vader
GUIDE: This one is a little tricky as Darth Vader is always trying to move around and attack, his attacks also have quite a large hit box too. Making staying still in order to find and collect objects a little difficult.

Anyway during your encounter against Darth Vader you will be tasked with finding any kind of object that you might come across. Once you find an object simply use the Force ability and throw it at Darth Vader, do this 3 times to complete this one.

DESCRIPTION: Complete the level in under 10 minutes
GUIDE: This one is self explanatory, simply complete the level in under 10 minutes. The mission ends with the fight against Darth Vader. Remember you can always replay the mission once you have completed it first time.

DESCRIPTION: Collect the hidden Ugnaughts throughout the level.
GUIDE: This one requires you to find and defeat the Ugnaughts, there are 5 in total.

Ugnaughts are small Lego characters with white hair and black clothes. You will encounter them whilst tasked with finding Darth Vader in the processing vane.


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