LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All They Fly Now Mission Challenges Guide

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The They Fly Now mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Teamwork!, Never Underestimate a Droid, and When Treadspeeders Fly

When Treadspeeders Fly
DESCRIPTION: Destroy the airborne treadspeeder
GUIDE: This one can be done when you are tasked with defeating the pursuing First Order troopers. Here you will be riding on a treadspeeder, what you want to do is wait until your pursuers are airborne and then just target and defeat them.

DESCRIPTION: Shoot a treadspeeder after making the driver dizzy with a powder canister
GUIDE: This one will occur whilst trying to defeat the pursuing First Order troopers. Simply blast a powder canister whilst riding the treadspeeder, this will then stun the enemy pursuers. When they are stunned aim and fire at your target.

MISSION CHALLENGE: Never Underestimate a Droid
DESCRIPTION: Hit a jet trooper with a powder canister using BB-8
GUIDE: Chances are you may already have this one if you completed the Teamwork challenge first. Simply fire a powder canister using BB-8 at your pursuers.


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