LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All This Is Some Rescue Mission Challenges Guide

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The This Is Some Rescue mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Special Edition, Bullseye, and For Luck

DESCRIPTION: Discover the hidden room within the Death Star
GUIDE: Get the Docking Bay password and explode the wall by the troopers and continue on. Here you will come across various scenes and enemy troopers, one of which is an officer. Reach the officer and steal his key, then destroy the door behind him. You will be rewarded with the Luke Skywalker’s T-65 X-wing

DESCRIPTION: Find a more uncivilised way to help both Luke and Leia
GUIDE: When you are tasked with helping both Luke and Leia getting through the locked door, head to the computer terminal next to the objective marker and here there will be several windows.

Look through these windows to find the door with the red circle button above it, simply aim and shoot at this button. The door will then open and both Luke and Leia will be free.

DESCRIPTION: Discover an alternate method across the gap to escape the Stormtroopers
GUIDE: When tasked with finding a way back to the Millennium Falcon you will come to a room with a table in the middle, plus a set of stairs too. Climb up these stairs and break through the door.

In this next room switch to R2 D2 and solve the puzzle terminal.


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