LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Beasts Of Rage (Side Mission) Guide

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Beasts of Rage
 is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Tatooine.

This mission will involve escorting Max Rebo

QUEST: Beasts of Rage
LOCATION: Tatooine – Jundland Wastes (Jabba’s Palace)

If you head to the Tatooine Jundland Wastes you should come across an Ortolan known as Max Rebo, speak to them to initiate the mission

Apparently Max Rebo wants to head to the planet Naboo but is afraid that someone might try to attack him, so our job is to escort Max

By the way the name of this mission is rather cool, If I am not mistaken Beasts of Rage is meant as a reference to Streets of Rage. As a fan of Streets of Rage, I totally approve of this.

Anyway, after the conversation follow Max Rebo and eliminate any enemy threats that might appear. We will need to head to the Landing Pad.

When you arrive at the Landing Pad proceed to speak with Max Rebo. Max will now want to head to Theed.

Head to Naboo Space and we will then be tasked with taking down a bunch of Bounty Hunters. We will encounter them in several different zones, the first zone will feature 6 targets to eliminate, whilst the final zone will feature 8 targets

After successfully eliminating the Bounty Hunters, we will have one more set of enemy targets to take care of. This time there will be a total of 6 targets to deal with.

Speak with the starship (Theed Palace Guard) to complete the mission

Max Rebo will now be an unlockable character for 200,000 Studs


  • Escort Max Rebo safely to the landing pad
  • Speak to Max Rebo
  • Smuggle Max Rebo from Tatooine to Naboo
  • Make contact with the starship outside Naboo


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