LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Death Star Story (Side Mission) Guide

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Death Star Story is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Utapau.

This mission will involve performing a play

QUEST: Death Star Story
LOCATION: Utapau Space – Death Star (Briefing Room)
QUEST GIVER: Commander Jir

This particular side mission is connected to the Capital Ship category, and will require you to fly to the Death Star in the Utapau Space.

Here head to the Briefing Room and speak with Commander Jir. Apparently he wants to perform a play where we will take the role of the Death Star.

After the conversation head inside the nearby Death Star structure to begin. Commander Jir will then release a model of Alderaan. (Note: If nothing happens then just speak to Commander Jir again and hopefully this will continue the story)

The basic method and strategy to this is to destroy all of the models that Commander Jir reveals. Replaying the story but with the Death Star winning.

After the little play has come to an end speak to Commander Jir to complete the mission.

Commander Jir will now be an unlockable character for 35,000 Studs


  • Follow Commander Jir’s directions
  • Speak to Commander Jir

So I hear Commander Jir is going around asking people to be in his new play? Poor guy probably took a knock to the head when the ol’ Death Star ‘sploded’


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