LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Don’t Go Defacing Waterfalls (Side Mission) Guide

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Don’t Go Defacing Waterfalls is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet KEF BIR.

Don’t Go Defacing Waterfalls is also part of a side mission puzzle 

QUEST: Don’t Go Defacing Waterfalls
LOCATION: Kef Bir – Crash Site (Company 77 Village)
QUEST GIVER: Orbak Tribe Member

Head to the Kef Bir Crash Site in order to find and speak with the Orbak Tribe Member, he will be standing next to the small stream of water.

It seems that the stream of water is being blocked by what looks like a crashed TIE Fighter, though at this point it could be literally anything.

Under this blocked structure there will be a pulling mechanism that we can grab on to, do so. We can use a Bounty Hunter for this.

Pulling at this structure will now cause a mess of parts strewn everywhere. However, we can use these parts to help build a slide leading up to the ledge above. Alongside a set of ladders.

We don’t actually need to go up to this ledge, though you can if you want to. However, for the purpose of this guide what we want resides behind the waterfall.

The Resistance A-wing will now be available to us for 35,000 Studs


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