LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – For Pit-y’s Sake (Side Mission) Guide

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For Pit-y’s Sake is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Tatooine.

This mission will involve locating the missing Pit Droids

QUEST: For Pit-y’s Sake
LOCATION: Tatooine – Mos Espa (Shopping District)
QUEST GIVER: Ody Mandrell

Head to the Shopping District over on planet Tatooine – Mos Espa and find and locate Ody Mandrell. We will then learn that he has a pod that needs fixing but his pit droids are nowhere to be seen, our job is to find them.

There are 3 pit droids to find and locate altogether. One of the Pit Droids will be enjoying the views from the nearby rooftop, when speaking to this one you will be required to pay 2,500 Studs.

Another Pit Droid will be by the buildings over in the Residential District, here we will need to pay 1,000 Studs

The final Pit Droid can be found in the Slave Quarters, this time we need to pay 5,000 Studs

With all of the Pit Droids find and accounted for, we can now report back to Ody Mandrell to complete the mission


  • Find the missing Pit Droids and send them back to Ody Mandrell
  • Return to Ody Mandrell


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