LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Free Your Mind (Stalgasin Hive) Mission Guide

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The Free Your Mind mission puzzle takes place in Stalgasin Hive over in Geonosis. It involves having to smuggle the Geonosian to Naboo

Head to Stalgasin Hive over in Geonosis and use C3P0 to speak with the Genius Geonosian. We will now learn that the Geonosian wishes to escape in order to engage in more academic pursuits.

Our goal is to smuggle the Geonosian to Naboo. We can begin doing this by traveling to Naboo Space and clearing the zones until a Naboo Pilot asks if we are transporting a refugee.

Here look for the yellow star symbol (quest marker) and start flying towards it. The R4-M9 droid will realise that it is a Geonosian that we are smuggling and the mission will end.


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