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An interesting glitch has now been found within Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. This glitch is said to be able to duplicate various different characters, meaning you can now run around with a full team consisting of Luke Skywalker, or perhaps even Han Solo. The fact is, as long as the character has been unlocked you can then duplicate them.

This glitch is great for those who have a particular favourite character or just enjoy creating duplications of anything and everything.

There is nothing too special about this glitch, it is also uncertain if it will be removed or not at some point in the future. However, for now, the glitch still remains and it is quite an easy one to pull off. All it requires is the use of The Mandalorian character to get things started.

This latest video guide has been recorded by Youtuber JayShockblast, who apparently found out about the glitch during one of his past stream broadcasts.

In the video, it goes on to say exactly how to perform the glitch and that you will need to head to the Character menu screen

From there select the first character slot on the right, in this case it will be the First Order Flametrooper. Then choose The Mandalorian character. You can find this character under the Bounty Hunter character menu.

As said, The Mandalorian character is an important starting character for this to work. He is basically the base character that will allow us to perform this glitch properly.

Anyway after selecting The Mandalorian, you can then repeat the same process over and you will begin to see duplications. The maximum amount of duplications that you can create is said to be around 3-4.

In order to swap out The Mandalorian for another character of your choosing, all you have to do is swap characters as you would normally. Using the quick menu method.

Of course, this is most likely a glitch that was found within the game and is not an actual game feature. So with that in mind be prepared for any possible game crashes and other potential issues.


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