LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – How To Unlock Free Play Mode Guide

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Free Play is an unlockable mode that allows players to play through certain sections of the game without having to worry about the story.

In Free Play the game is open to do whatever you want, plus you can use any of the already unlocked characters too. Enjoy the sights and sounds of previous locations all at your own time and pace.

Free Play is one of the unlockable modes alongside being able to replay missions that you may have already beaten.

In order to access Free Play you need to have completed certain sections of the game, only then will you be able to unlock this mode. Free Play will only be available in locations you have already played and completed.

From there head to the Episodes menu and then select any mission and area you have already played through. You will then be given the option of either Free Play or to replay the story.

Free Play also provides a great opportunity to go back and collect any collectibles that you might have previously missed


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