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Hungry Happabore is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Jakku.

This mission will involve getting portions back from the Hungry Happabore

QUEST: Hungry Happabore
LOCATION: Jakku – Nima Outpost
QUEST GIVER: Unkar Plutt

Head to the Jaku Nima Outpost to find and speak with Unkar Plutt.

Apparently someone left the storeroom door open and a happabore managed to get inside and steal off with the goods. We need to reclaim it!

Unkar Plutt suggests that we begin searching for clues to where this happabore might have ran off to. We can begin our search at the nearby Niima Outpost vendor area.

At the Niima Outpost there should be piles of food on the floor, all of which will have green odour flowing from it. This is basically the trail that we need to follow. We can speak to the nearby civilians too for more information.

You can actually find the Happabore just behind the tents, it is not too far. It is also rather big too so it stands out quite well. When you find it speak to it in order to trigger a scene.

The Happabore will then give back some of the portions, we need to find a total of 15 altogether.

Continue to follow the Happabore until some enemy targets show up, eliminate them. Once the targets have been dealt with the Happabore will continue to move.

Once you have collected all 15 portions we can then speak with Unkar Plutt to complete the mission

Unkar Plutt will now be available to us for 100,000 Studs

(This mission kind of feels like a Hungry Hippo reference)


  • Search for the Happabore near Niima Outpost
  • Confront the Happabore
  • Follow the Happabore to find the remaining portions.
  • Give the portions to Unkar Plutt


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