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Party People is one of the many optional side missions. It can be collected whilst on the planet Hoth.

Party People involves collecting materials for the 2-1B droid.

QUEST: Party People
LOCATION: Hoth – Echo Base

This specific side mission is connected to the No Arm In Asking side mission. It involves heading to Hoth – Echo Base and speaking with 2-1B in hopes of finding a replacement arm.

We will then be tasked with finding intricate materials from both Jakku and Tatooine. There is a total of 4 intricate materials to be collected altogether, 2 of which can be collected at Jakku and the rest at Tatooine.


Head to Jakku – Niima Outpost and you will then be required to find a total of 2 intricate materials.

  • You can find this one behind a locked door inside the Star Destroyer Wreckage.
  • This one is at the outpost merchant area, simply speak with the vendor. You can purchase this intricate material for 5,000 Studs


Head to the Tatooine – Jundland Wastes

  • Just north of the landing pad you will find a Jawa, who will point to some debris near the edge of the cliff. The intricate material can be collected at this debris, just collect it by destroying everything.


Head to Tatooine – Mos Espa.

The Shopkeeper over at the Residential Quarter will be willing to sell this one for 10,000 Studs

With all of the material successfully collected you can then report back to 2-1B. This will complete the mission


Evazan can say whatever he likes, he ain’t getting that arm back on Ponda without some serious droid assistance. He should really get one of those Rebel medical droids to sort it out.

  • Collect intricate scrap parts from Jakku and Tatooine
  • Give the parts to 2-1B in Echo Base


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