LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Pod Chasing (Side Mission) Guide

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Pod Chasing is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Endor.

This mission will involve collecting materials to build a pod racer

QUEST: Pod Chasing
LOCATION: Endor – Ewok Village (Landing Pad)

Head to the Ewok Village on the planet Endor and speak with Paploo. Turns out Paploo wants to create a Pod Racer but is currently lacking the necessary materials.

Our job now is to collect these necessary materials, this will take us to Tatooine and Bespin.


Head to Cloud City and make your way to the Central Plaza in order to find some white coloured boxes that can be destroyed. Destroying these should reveal some of the parts we need.

Staying at the Central Plaza area there should be a vendor store where we can buy some more parts for 20,663 Studs


Head to Mos Espa amd make your way to the Residential Quarters in order to find and speak with the Vendor, who will gladly give you the required parts but only if you manage to win the challenge he sets.

Now head to the Slave Quarters and find and destroy coil wheel type objects that can be found here.

With all of the necessary parts collected we can then report back to the Ewok Village and help build the podracer.

Speak to Paploo and it will be time to smuggle the little critter to Tatooine. In order to do this we need to travel to Tatooine Space.

A Bounty Hunter will then spot us. Eliminate the enemy threat and then report to the ship outside Tatooine.

We can then complete the mission and unlock Paploo for 35,000 Studs


  • Gather podracer parts from Mos Espa and Cloud City
  • Quickly pass through all the gates
  • Deliver the podracer parts to Paploo in Ewok Village
  • Build the podracer
  • Speak to Paploo
  • Smuggle Paploo from Endor to Tatooine
  • Report to the ship outside Tatooine


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