LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Pod Parts Procurement (Side Mission) Guide

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Pod Parts Procurement is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Tatooine.

This mission will involve gathering bone pieces from Pau City

QUEST: Pod Parts Procurement
LOCATION: Tatooine – Mos Espa

Apparently Sebulba keeps destroying Mawhonic’s pod during their races. In order to try and create a better racing machine, Mawhonic wants us to find sturdier material, bone material to be more precise. Our next destination is over at Pau City on the planet, Utapau.

Here we can begin asking the various NPC characters, one of which will mention that the bone material tends to crumble from the structures in the city. With that you should be able to then find bits of bone material on the bone structures. You can find one of these structures in the Private Landing Bay area

You can actually find all of the required material on this bone structure and once you have them all, we can then return to Mawhonic.


  • Gather bone pieces from Pau City
  • Deliver the bone pieces to Mawhonic in Mos Espa


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