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Silencing Snootles is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Cantonica.

This mission will involve locating Sy Snootles

QUEST: Silencing Snootles
LOCATION: Cantonica – Canto Bight (Casino)
QUEST GIVER: Mama the Hutt

Head to the planet Cantonica and you can find the Mama the Hutt over at the Canto Bight Casino. Speak to them to learn more about the mission. If you cannot speak to her make sure to switch to Boba Fett.

Our objective now is to try and find and locate Sy Snootles. Our hints are that Sy Snootles was spotted around Canto Bight trying to score a gig. That she has an interesting in singing.

Head inside the Casino and you will be able to find some useful NPC characters to speak with. One of which will mention that Sy Snootles left for the planet Coruscant

Our next destination is, of course, Coruscant. You can ask the surrounding NPC characters for more hints to Sy Snootles location. However, you can find your target over at the Uscru District – Entertainment District. Sy Snootles can be found here singing.

Speak with Sy Snootles and when she finds out that Mama the Hutt sent you she will run off. The chase is on!

Continue to chase Sy Snootles by eliminating her, this is to basically slow her down. Once her health is depleted she will stop running

With Sy Snootles captured go ahead and report back to Mama the Hutt to complete the mission.

By completing this mission you should then be able to unlock Mama the Hutt as a character for 500,000 Studs


  • Ask around about the whereabouts of Sy Snootles
  • Search Coruscant for Sy Snootles
  • Speak to Sy Snootles
  • Catch Sy Snootles!
  • Return to Mama the Hutt in Canto Bight


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