LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Snake Oil Salesdroid (Side Mission) Guide

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Snake Oil Salesdroid is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Ajan Kloss.

This mission will involve searching for AD-4M

QUEST: Snake Oil Salesdroid
LOCATION: Ajan Kloss – Resistance Camp (The Tantive IV)
QUEST GIVER: Dellso Prin

To begin this side mission you will have to land on the planet Ajan Kloss and make your way to the Resistance Camp, Tantive IV area. Here we can find and speak with Dellso Prin.

Turns out Dellso Prin pranked AD-4M by sending them to go and look for some vexis snake oil, which apparently does not exist.

AD-4M is now apparently missing and Dellso Prin is worried, thus he wants us to go and investigate.

We can begin our search by heading to Pasaana and the Forbidden Valley. When you arrive, feel free to ask the nearby residents for any hints and clues.

However, you can actually find AD-4M over at the Festival of the Ancestors. It is the white droid that seems to be dancing by the tents.

Apparently the AD-4M droid managed to find the snake oil but left them behind in a nearby cave, after it heard about the festival.

Take the nearby taxi to the Pasaana Plains. The cave we are looking for can be found at the Shifting Mires.

There will be multiple different caves, all of which are in the same area and all of which we will need to explore.

Inside the cave (Vexis Cave) we will need to find and collect a total of 9 snake oil flasks. These can be found inside treasure boxes.

The treasure boxes will require a key to open, we can find the key by eliminating the nearby enemy threat.

Whilst two of these Vexis Caves are quite easy to spot at the Shifting Mires, the third and final cave is not so easily noticeable. However, you can find it by heading into the blue portal in the middle of the area. This portal will take us to our cave.

After successfully collecting all of the required snake oil we can then report back to Dellso Prin to complete the mission.

AD-4M will now be an unlockable character for 100,000 Studs


  • Search for AD-4M on Pasaana
  • Recover the flasks of snake oil from the cave in the Pasaana Plains
  • Deliver the snake oil to Dellso Prin on Ajan Kloss


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